Welcome to TimeSpent !

Time is money ! But still you would have to know the time you spend on your activities to verify this famous saying!

TimeSpent is the indispensable tool for measuring, analysing, and comparing the time spent on different activities.

6 categories exist by default (Job, Sport, Computer, Sleep, TV, Car) but you can rename them to count the time of your own activities.

The application is very easy: when an activity begins, you start up TimeSpent and the timer starts; when you stop, you start up TimeSpent again and the timer stops. The time used shows up instantly and adds to previous recordings. At any moment, you can check on your iPhone the time spent on each of the 6 categories, and by day, by week, by month or by year. A green or red Arrow indicates the time spent by period.

It is not necessary to leave TimeSpent open for it to function. You only need to set the application going to start and stop the timer for your activity (or for analysing the statistics).

Here is an example of the type of measurements you can take and the results will surprise you:

*How much time do I spend at work? Do i work more than I am payed?
*How much time do I spend sleeping in a week, in a mouth or in a whole year?
*I work in sales and I would like to know how much time i spend travelling (car, plane, etc…).
*I take the train, the bus or the underground everyday, how much time does that really represent in relation to my free time?

… many similar examples of day to day life for which you are bound to underestimate the results.

Please be aware, an internet connection (Wifi/3G/Edge) is required to use TimeSpent.